“Hope springs eternal in the human breast;

Man never is, but always to be blessed:”

-Alexander Pope


Motley Details 

Hope Springs Eternal is the motley that runs the changeling side of Crossing. The motley is made up of: Ant Rossi, Beau Bright, Christof Rossi, and Halley O'Connor.


Dr. Antoni “Ant” Rossi

the Wizened Chirurgeon
Wyrd: 3, Spring Mantle: 4


“When I was mortal, I took the Hippocratic Oath of ‘do no harm,’ and what I didn’t realize, as my durrance told me later, is that that Oath would follow me.”

Dr. Rossi fills the important role of doctor in Crossing. This job leaves them is basically a permanent state of exhaustion. They take this job seriously, using a combination of magic learned from their durance and as a member of the Spring Court, along with mortal medicinal practices.
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Beau Bright

the Fairest Polychromatic
Wyrd: 4, Dawn Mantle: 3

“So, your Keeper…they gave you powers. But what they didn’t realize is that we get so much more than they think we do. We can actually use the Wyrd for our own benefit, not just theirs.”

Lifting the load of chief guardian of Crossing willingly, Beau is a warrior ready to be everywhere at once to save the day. Doubtlessly her connection to the Dawn Court, the Court of Hope, aids her in her quest.
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Christof Rossi

the Darkling Mirrorskin
Wyrd: 2, Winter Mantle: 3, Spring Court Goodwill: 3

“Sometimes things in the Hedge, and sometimes things in your dreams, are not always what they seem.”

The Winter Courtier, the quiet one, the spy: Christof is ready to do what has to be done in order to protect the people he cares about, no matter the personal cost. He does not always make the best choices, to the frustration of all who know him, but he cares. Hopefully Ant is still willing to marry his dumbass when he returns. If he returns.
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Halley O'Connor

the Fairest Telluric

Wyrd: 5, Spring Mantle: 5, Effective Presence: 8

“And he actually found a fallen starstone? We could actually build a freehold Beau! Like an actual freehold in the Hedge while the wall is up. Do you realize what that would do?”

Once a Spring Queen, the teachings and power of the Spring Court follow Halley with every step. Beautiful and ready to teach all that their desires are their own, her desires turn towards understand everyone’s situation, trapped as they are in Arcadia. She will not accept nonsense as an answer, seeking to find truth and a way to live and live well in a perilous situation.
Art created by Brianna Collins - TwitterWebsite