I know that there is this place...
 And I don't know where else to go


Scribbled on a Piece of Paper 

Art created by Brianna Collins -  Twitter  -  Website

Art created by Brianna Collins - Twitter - Website

Your name is Crunch. You are probably a teenager. Part of your body is made out of clockwork and part of it is made out of flesh. This is not normal, but that's okay. You are very good at building things, especially machines, and you like making them. Even though you learned most of your skills because you had to make things for your Keeper, it's still interesting and feels like a creative challenge. You like creative challenges. The world is very large. You've spent a lot of time in a small room, so you don't know a lot about it. It is incredibly interesting though, so that's a plus, even if it's also terrifying. There are dragons and also these things called dogs out there, and uncountable other things. You are human. You are also a changeling. I don't know how this works but it's very important. You are not from Arcadia, you are from the world on the other side of the Hedge. Don't lose this. Don't lose this. Don't lose this. I probably won't need this note, but now at least I have it. Just in case.