Gambling is the great leveller. All men are equal at cards.”

Nikolai Gogol


Den Info 

The Honest Gambler’s Den was neutral territory, it served as location that the Gentry and their loyalists could cut loose and trade favors. The casino was run by its part animal changeling staff, who did everything from mixing drinks, dealing cards, and security.

Unfortunately, such an establishment can only exist for as long as peaceful resolutions are possible.



the Beast Hunterheart
Wyrd: 5

“ There’s something coming Kitten, and I don’t think we are ready for it.”

As Chief Lieutenant to The Honest Gambler, Vixen is a known Loyalist. A powerful warrior with an open heart, her motivations for what she does are difficult to know, but she is willing to make sacrifices for the changelings under her command.

 Art created by Brianna Collins - TwitterWebsite


the Beast Runnerswift
Wyrd: 1

““I love to watch you work, I love to see you go.”

Details coming soon!


the Beast Coldscale
Wyrd: 4

“If the two of you are done flirting, I think there’s something going on at table 5.”

Details coming soon!


the Beast Cleareyes
Wyrd: 3

“Oh, okay, that’s not how I would have done it, but that certainly puts your eye on the prize there Kit.”

Details coming soon!