“Real isn't how you are made,” said the Skin Horse.

“It's a thing that happens to you.”

-The Velveteen Rabbit



If Hope Springs Eternal runs Crossing, The Lost Toys protect it. Each of the Toys hold up a different defensive functions in the protection of town. The Toys are soldiers and mercenaries that were changed by Gentry masters to be entertainment for their collections.

Halley O’Connor hired and paid the Toys with a enchanted bakery truck that produces alcohol and food.

The Lost Toys motley consists of: Velvet, Sara, JJ, Taylor



the Beast Truefriend & Elemental Manikin
Wyrd: 5, Winter Mantle: 5

Stuffing escapes seams. Her fur feels real, because it is. Frost and tequila linger on her breath.
Velvet plays the guitar.

Sorrow escape her seams.



the Fairest Bright One
Wyrd: 3, Summer Mantle: 5
The Tolltaker Knighthood

While Velvet arguably is the most powerful of the Toys, Sara is the focused leader of the Toys. Her nickname is the ‘Night Light’, since that was her function when she was taken. Taking in Summer’s wrath has only made her brighter.


the Ogre Cyclops
Wyrd: 2, Summer Mantle: 3
Giant Merit

Huge and green, this army solider is the shield and muscle of the Lost Toys. Half of his face his melted off, but that doesn’t stop him from being deadly. Accuracy doesn’t matter as much when your fists are the size of dinner plates.


the Elemental Metalflesh
Wyrd: 2, Autumn Mantle: 4

Instead of plastic and green, Taylor is made of tin, but his military service is just as real as JJ’s; the Afghani man works mostly as Crossing’s local blacksmith and handyman. However this Autumn courtier still retains his military service skills, and his rifle hangs clean in his shop.