About Hedged In: A Changeling Story

About Our Podcast:

We are an actual play podcast playing Changeling: the Lost, a table top rpg made by White Wolf. The story follows the adventures of Gill, the Ogre Farwalker, Crunch, the Elemental Manikin, and Kit, the Beast Hunterheart Cleareyes.

New episodes of Hedged In: A Changeling Story are released every other week. Check our release schedule to learn more!

About the System:

Changeling: the Lost is a Storyteller game, and part of the Chronicles of Darkness setting. Chronicles of Darkness on it’s own is a gritty urban fantasy setting, where you play as a normal human dealing with the supernatural. But there are many systems within it, where you can be a mage, a vampire, a werewolf, and many more. In Changeling the Lost, you are a changeling.

Changelings are humans who somehow entered the land of the fae, Arcadia. Perhaps they were kidnapped, or tricked, or simply had the misfortune of wandering through a gap in the Hedge. Whatever brought them there, their time in Arcadia changed them, giving them access to the Wyrd, and other powers besides it.

For those less familiar with the Storyteller system, know this: for any given action, you will roll a number of d10. Eights, nines, and tens count as successes, and tens also get rerolled, giving you additional chances for successes. The rest is details.

About Our Goals:

Of course one of our main goals is to tell a good story, and have fun together while we do it, but we want to be aware of the kind of story we are telling.

We want to be inclusive. We want to represent a great deal of diversity, and support listeners of all genders, sexualities, races, and abilities. We know that we will make mistakes along the way, and while this is natural, we also hold ourselves to a higher standard. If we mess up, please tell us. Stories should be used to empower, not to push down.

The Chronicles of Darkness system deals with mental illness within its rules, and while it’s rules are interesting for enforcing both mechanical and role played disadvantages when it comes to mental illness, it does not always deal with it in a tactful way. You may notice that we reference a character’s “complications,” a term we have decided on to substitute a gross term used in the rulebook.

Beyond that, Changeling: the Lost deals with abuse. Changelings suffer abuse at the hands of their Keeper, and this is a core part of the challenges the changeling must face throughout their story. We will do our best to handle this tactfully, respectfully, and realistically.

As the story goes on, this podcast will get dark, but there should also be fun and adventure mixed in. There are many things that go into telling a good story, and we as creators want to respect all of them.

About Us:

We are a group of people that have come together through various means to bring you along for a story.

VJ, our Story Teller, editor, and writer, can be found most places on the internet as nwfairy, also @hedgedinacs on twitter.

Dan, who plays Kit, can be found on twitter @unrealgiraffe and can also be heard on The Leviathan Files. Check them out at theleviathanfiles.wordpress.com

Kathryn, who plays Gill, exists nowhere on the internet. We’re sorry.

Vida, who plays Crunch and helps with much of the administrative writing, can be found on twitter @greenbeanspirit and on tumblr at hedgedinacs.tumblr.com