I'm more of a lover than a fighter

Art created by  SJ Dalmar

Art created by SJ Dalmar

When Asked About Kit 

Loud, fast, and terrible. He once tried to do a backflip off a poker table. It… did not go well.” – Casino Patron

“Honestly I have never met anyone cooler. He’s the light of every room he walks in, he’s literally the funniest being there is, and anyone would be lucky to be his friend. Also, he’s totally hot. Seriously. Go be his friend.” – Guy who looks suspiciously like Kit except for a (clearly fake) human-haired mustache


"One time Vixen punched me in the face... It was awesome" – Ex-Casino Patron, after trying to hurt Kit

“A liar and a cheat, I’ll tell you what. Now get lost!” – Radiance Emissary

“Friendly doesn’t do it justice. Too friendly? Yeah, that works. TOO friendly. Good eyes though. Sees things almost before they happen, I’m not exactly sure how…” – Casino Employee

“He was… my social little angel. I don’t have a single memory of him without both of us having a smile on. All he ever wanted was to make people happy, make them laugh. I… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just been a hard few years. First my little kitten just… vanishes. No trace. Walks out the door one morning, and never returns. I never… no goodbyes, no closure… and right at my lowest, my husband passes. Maybe… maybe it’s for the best? That feels horrible to say, but they were SO close. Jace was Kitten’s hero, and Kitten was Jace’s… everything. To this day, I still can’t shake the feeling that losing Kitten caused him to just… give up, you know? Give in to the illness. And now I don’t know what I’m more scared of… Kitten never coming back, or him returning, learning of his father and just… breaking.” – Lily, Kit’s mother.

"My Kitten? I gave my Kitten his claws and a purpose. He is mine first then the Gambler's. Hurt him at your own digression, my claws are sharper." – Vixen