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Entry: the Jon Sprat

The Jon Sprat is a bag that holds more than it should.  Precisely, ten cubic feet worth of space, and mostly unlimited in weight; it will always only feel like three pounds upon the user’s back.  Items in this bag will stay hot or cold once placed in.  Food will not rot inside the Jon Sprat.  Living things, however, will not fit into the bag’s depths, but will instead hit the bottom of what would be the bag’s true form.  If you ask the Sprat with politeness in your voice, you should be able to reach in for what you need, when you need it. Elsewise, the Sprat will remove the last thing that went in it.

Inside the bag: 

  • 4 Sleeping bags

  • Spare clothes (about four different peoples worth)

  • A Cast Iron Pot and Utility Utensils for 4

  • A half empty box of matches

  • A compass that drifts pointlessly

  • A hot sandwich, 4 canteens of cold water, and a bag of off brand cheesy puffs