Entry | Motleys

Together, we would become a Motley three times, each more poignant than the last.  Each were special and perfect, but also messy and complicated, because that’s how life works.  The first time, our names were wrapped around our wrists in Glamour, then in iron, and finally in gold.  Josephina was our driver and strength, and frankly, each one of us loved her for that.  Before we came together, each of us were lost, each of us wandering.  But together, together the Thorns and Brambles seemed tamable, the Fae stoppable, and our personal demons conquerable.

The first time I met Phina, she exploded through the mirror at James’ bar.  Covered in scratches and looking worse for wear, she approached us almost feral-y, and then collapsed.  The story of how she escaped the Hedge, and how she came through the mirror, was one that took a long time to tell.  Still, I think all three of us fell in love with her that day.  Yes.  She was adorable – who couldn’t?

Wait, I was writing about Motleys.  

Motleys are the first defense against the Gentry and the Keepers.  We Pledge ourselves to ourselves, and the Wyrd listens.  We lend each other strength, we lend each other our knowledges, we lend each other our dreams.  Together, we have power and security.  Together, we become friends and, sometimes, even family.  Together, we can take on the world, and win.  Alone, we fall.