A pledge, fully realized, inside a journal

I am but a humble book
Filled with Arcane knowledges
Taught and took
From the Wyld and the Wyrd

I would make a humble request of thee
In regards to this Hallowed journey,
Now that I am whole once again
Use me against Foe instead of Friend

And when trying to uncover Thorns and Mystery
I’ll lend you my rare insight
Offer up my guidance
And in the darkness— light

My Pages, I promise, shall be True
And I’ll try to be useful to you
But Trods are woven and Walls are built
Out of beautiful madness, broken dreams and sorrowed guilt

Find the Walker, Cross the Wall
Help me, please, save them all.
To get full use of my pedigree
Whisper into my pages “I Agree”