Entry | The Okaely Sunglasses

Entry: The Okaely Sunglasses

The Okaely Sunglasses give a couple minor benefits to the User.  While they are prescription, and are always your prescription, they also allow the User to see in most situations, unless the User is in complete darkness.  The glasses negate most perception penalties due to darkness.  They can’t do anything about atmospheric effects, such as fog or smoke.  But the true power of the Sunglasses requires a little finesse.  If the User focuses on a Target, then they can see the Ties of Fate and Story of that Target, and how they might connect to the others around that Target.  However, as soon as the User stops focusing, the Ties will fade back into the background and out of sight.  Sometimes, however, the Ties will be bright enough without focusing - often because there is a very strong emotional connection attached, or the Wyrd is attracted to that Target.