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Entry: Arcadian Geography

Entry: the Floating Gemstone Desert

Entry: the Self-Reflection

The Self-Reflection is a large piece of labradorite, a kind of feldspar, that sits in the middle of the Floating Gemstone Desert. It can be used as a power similar to the Contracts of Reflection – specifically Mirrorwalk – without having touched the other mirrored surface. This does have a price.  The mirror will test you, and no two tests are alike or the same each time.  And sometimes, you will go where you’re meant to go, and sometimes you will go elsewhere in the Hedge, and sometimes (if unsuccessful), the mirror will spit you back and leave you out in the desert.  It’s hard to tell.  It’s been rumored that being part of a Motley will greatly improve your success through the Self-Reflection.  Certainly, of the two times I have been through, the second (with my Motley) was much safer.